The game will bring you several types of boosters which make the game more comfortable and reduce the time it takes to get a new rank or item.


Item Image Xp Vp Wb Resource icon
Mega Booster 1
Mega Booster
+100% +50% +75% +0%
Mega Booster 2
Mega Booster
+100% +10% +10% +0%
Super Mega Booster
Super Mega Booster
+180% +130% +165% +20%
XP Booster
XP Booster
+15% +0% +0% +0%
VP Booster
VP Booster
+0% +15% +0% +0%
$ Booster
Money Booster
+0% +0% +15% +0%

Booster packageEdit

Booster Package

-Super Mega Booster (30 Days)
-Mega Booster 1 (30 Days)
-XP Booster (30 Days)
-VP Booster (30 Days)
-$ Booster (30 Days)

The contents of this package give the followings boosts:
-Resource icon+20%

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