If you are in a clan, the name will be displayed above your IGN (in-game name) in lobbies and in-game.


Each clan can have up to 50 members in it. The leader can promote the members he wishes to officers. He can also disband the clan at any time. Right now, the only perks officers in clans have is inviting non-members into the clan.


Allows entry into the Monthly Clan Challenges. Rewards will be given out to different tiers of the clan ladder rankings.


  1. Can promote any member he/she wants to to officer.
  2. Can disband the clan at any time.
  3. Can pass the role to another member.
  4. Can change the Clan Message.
  5. Can invite members into the clan.
  6. Can kick any member in the clan.


  1. Allows members to invite people into the clan.
  2. CANNOT promote other members to officers.
  3. CANNOT kick members.
  4. CANNOT change the Clan Message.

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