DSA SA58 SPR Render
Icon Sniper
Randombox DSA SA58 SPR
Repair Cost
Full repair - 5400Currency Dollars
Damage Multipliers
Head:5.0x, Body:1.0x, Arms:0.8x, Legs:0.8x.
Damage 350
Range 70
Rate of fire 62
Aim Accuracy 104
Hip Accuracy 43
Ammunition Capacity 20/40
Additional Information
Damage Minimum 75
Damage Drop 2/m
Reload Duration 2.9s
Zoom in/out Duration 200ms / 150ms
Select/Deselect Duration 300ms / 300ms
Spread Minimum/Maximum
Stand 25 / 37 0.025 / 0.037
Crouch 20 / 29.6 0.025 / 0.037
Prone 19.25 / 29.6 0.025 / 0.037
Walk 32.5 / 44.4 0.025 / 0.037
Sprint 175 / 37 -
Jump 175 / 44.4 2.5 / 3.7

DSA’s entry for the Army’s SASS trials was their SPR or Special Purpose Rifle. DS Arms (DSA) has been producing high quality rifles based on the FN FAL design. The SPR is a gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle based around the SA58 design.
  — Item Description 

The DSA SA58 SPR is a Warbox Sniper Rifle.


Being one of the only Semi-automatic sniper rifles that can one-shot kill to the body, it is very powerful and has a very large magazine. If the first shot does not kill the enemy, it will still knock the enemy down, making this weapon useful against users of the "Titan-ll" vest.



  • Shared Silencer
  • Sniper Rifle Silencer
  • Sniper Rifle Suppressor


  • Sniper Rifle Bipod
  • Special Sniper Bipod


  • Default Sniper Scope 5.5x
  • Mid-Range Sniper Scope 4.5x
  • Short-Range Sniper Scope 4x
  • Fast Mid-Range Scope 5x

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