FCG-R3 Render
Icon RiflemanIcon MedicIcon EngineerIcon Sniper
Damage 800
Range 500
Rate of fire 43
Aim Accuracy 100
Hip Accuracy 76
Ammunition Capacity 10/0

Experimental armor-piercing rifle. Shoot with special high caliber and armor-piercing cluster bullet. The ammunition is very expensive in production since the core uses depleted uranium.
  — Item Description 

The FCG-R3 is a Rail Repulsor Rifle.


The FCG-R3 is a powerful rifle. It can kill any normal enemy with just one blast. When received and equipped, it will be available alongside your primary weapon in PvE and Survival, taking no additional item slots. This item is not available in PvP.

It has a modified version, FCG-R3 K1.

Note: you cannot have both FCG-R3 and FCG-R3 K1 equipped at same time, equipping one will unequip the other.


  • Currently only available in Warface Vietnam.

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