FCG-R3 K1 Render
Icon RiflemanIcon MedicIcon EngineerIcon Sniper
Damage 27000 (4500x6)
Range 500
Rate of fire 25
Aim Accuracy 100
Hip Accuracy 76
Ammunition Capacity 40/120
Additional Information
Damage Minimum 100
Damage Drop 0.01/m
Reload Duration 4.9s
Zoom in/out Duration 100ms / 10ms

Special modification of FCG-R3 developed for less expensive ammo unlike the original FCG-R3. Experimental armor-piercing rifle. Shoots with special high caliber and armor-piercing cluster bullets. Due to this modification the shells have an increased caliber which results into a longer bolt-action time and longer reload action.
  — Item Description 

The FCG-R3 K1 is a Rail Repulsor Rifle.


It is the modified version of the FCG-R3. When received and equipped, it will be available alongside your primary weapon in PvE and Survival, taking no additional item slots.This item is not available in PvP.

Note: you cannot have both FCG-R3 and FCG-R3 K1 equipped at same time, equipping one will unequip the other.


  • In Warface Vietnam, this gun is informally and widely known as "laze", the Vietnamese way to say "laser".
  • This weapon is currently on available in Warface Vietnam.

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