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HMGL32A7 "Oblivion"
HMGL32A7 "Oblivion" Render
Icon Medic
Damage 220
Range 70
Rate of fire 60
Aim Accuracy 65
Hip Accuracy 65
Ammunition Capacity 6/6

Special modification of M32A1 Grenade Launcher which shoots special heavy grenades with increased damage.
  — Item Description 

The HMGL32A7 "Oblivion" is a Heavy Grenade Launcher.


The HMGL32A7 "Oblivion" is a Grenade Launcher that can only be used by Medics. Because this item is equipped in the primary slot, this means a shotgun can't be used when using this weapon.

This weapon is specially useful in PvP situations, and can be used to shoot from longer distances than a shotgun.


  • Currently only available in Warface Vietnam.

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