Mini Uzi
Mini Uzi Render
Icon Engineer
Repair Cost
Full repair - 6240Currency Dollars
Damage Multipliers
Head:3.7x, Body:1.0x, Arms:0.8x, Legs:0.7x.
Damage 66
Range 6.5
Rate of fire 1000
Aim Accuracy 30
Hip Accuracy 19
Ammunition Capacity 30/150
Additional Information
Damage Minimum 33
Damage Drop 3.6/m
Reload Duration 1.9s
Zoom in/out Duration 200ms / 200ms
Select/Deselect Duration 250ms / 250ms
Spread Minimum/Maximum
Stand 3.1 / 9 0.465 / 1.35
Crouch 2.48 / 7.2 0.465 / 1.35
Prone 2.387 / 6.93 0.465 / 1.35
Walk 4.65 / 10.8 0.465 / 1.35
Sprint 9.3 / 11.7 -
Jump 9.3 / 11.7 2.325 / 6.75

The Uzi is a family of Israeli open bolt, blowback-operated submachine guns. It had been adopted by police and military of more than 90 countries, including Israel. Because of wide use of the Uzi SMG, the Mini Uzi was developed as a smaller variant.
  — Item Description 

The Mini Uzi is an Ultra-rare Vendor Submachine Gun.


The Mini Uzi has decent damage, very high fire rate, good reload speed and good accuracy, negated by the fact that it has very low range (even lower than some shotguns), making it suitable only for close ranges. However, it is one of the best weapons for CQB situations.



  • Shared Silencer
  • SMG Silencer
  • SMG Suppressor
  • SMG Bayonet


  • Shared Grip
  • SMG Grip
  • SMG Grip Pod


  • EOTech 553
  • Basic SMG Scope
  • TRUGLO Red Dot Sight
  • Advanced SMG Scope
  • Ultra Rare SMG Scope

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