Oberon White
Oberon White






The Great White, Anubis

Oberon White is presumed to be the financial supporter of Blackwood. However, his real role in the organization might be far greater than that.


Oberon White never meets in public or in person. At the age of 9, he was diagnosed a high-functioning sociopath with mid-scale autism and an astonishingly high IQ level.

Around 2023, Oberon has a deal with Ursula Ellis and becomes the "money and brain" behind entire Blackwood operation.

Oberon also funded the creation of Super Soldiers, called Cyborgs, in a laboratory complex in Europe. Unfortunately, Blackwood scientists screwed up the signal, and these so- called super soldiers turned into brainless animals, wiping out the whole base and massacring civilian villages.

Later, Oberon White orders the construction of Black Shark, which is first believed to be a homage to The Great White skyscraper, but is actually a sky high antenna that can broadcast a perfect signal for thousands of miles, in order to perfect his "Super Soldiers" , or Cyborgs, project.


In The Great White, he is the main target of Warface. It is believed that by killing White, the money will cease flowing into Blackwood, rendering it ineffective. However, in the outcome of the mission, Oberon survives.

In Anubis, he surprisingly facilitates Warface in their effort to shut down Blackwood's cyborg factory located underneath the historic Great Pyramids. In the course of the mission, Oberon gives the server code to Warface operatives, enabling them to get the data necessary to find their main base of operations.

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