The repair window.

In Warface, there is a repair function implemented where Warface dollars are spent to keep weapons and outfits that you buy from deteriorating and breaking, rending them unusable. You can enable auto repair in Options just click the little gear icon near the top right corner on your screen in the main menu then , click on Gameplay and select the box that says "Enable auto repair".


All weapons and equipment except the default and pocket slot items need repair. Attachments do not need repair. Items like weapons armor and equipment all get damaged over time the longer in-game time you have that item equipped the more its damaged , each item has 10 hours of gameplay time worth of durability, its suggested not to use your best gear on easy missions.

Below 80%, damaged weapons become weaker until they are repaired. Rarer weapons may cost more to repair.


It has been voiced by many high ranked players that rarer guns cost much more money to repair. As such, if you are not successful in completing in PvE missions or winning PvP games, you can go into debt; losing more money than you make. As such, many high level players have to play PvE missions a majority of the time.