Rhino 60DS
Rhino 60DS Render
Icon RiflemanIcon MedicIcon EngineerIcon Sniper
Repair Cost
Full repair - 4900Currency Dollars
Damage Multipliers
Head:5.0x, Body:1.0x, Arms:0.8x, Legs:0.6x.
Damage 130
Range 11
Rate of fire 245
Aim Accuracy 15
Hip Accuracy 9
Ammunition Capacity 6/60
Additional Information
Damage Minimum 50
Damage Drop 2/m
Reload Duration 3.7s
Zoom in/out Duration 200ms / 200ms
Select/Deselect Duration 100ms / 150ms
Spread Minimum/Maximum
Stand 0.75 / 6 0.15 / 0.012
Crouch 0.6 / 4.8 0.15 / 0.012
Prone 0.5775 / 4.62 0.15 / 0.012
Walk 1.125 / 7.2 0.15 / 0.012
Sprint 3 / 6 -
Jump 3 / 7.8 0.5625 / 4.5
Knockdown 0.5625 / 4.5 0.5625 / 4.5

The Chiappa Rhino is a revolver produced by Chiappa Firearms of Italy.The new Chiappa Rhino has revolutionized the revolver with a patented design that tames the prehistoric characteristic that most revolvers possess. It is aligned with the bottom most chamber which is the key component to Rhino's tame characteristics. The position of the barrel lowers the center of gravity and yields a centerline of the bore more in line with the shooter's arm allowing for the most natural "point ability" while engaging a target. This characteristic also drastically reduces both recoil and muzzle flip which insures subsequent shots to be on target faster than ever before.
  — Item Description 

The Rhino 60DS is a Pistol.



  • Pistol Bayonet
  • Pistol Suppressor


  • EOTech 553
  • TRUGLO Red Dot Sight
  • Pistol Scope 1.5x

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