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  • JAlbor

    Crytek recently previewed Warface, their upcoming free-to-play shooter. With a solid mix of co-op and multiplayer class-based combat, Warface aims to redefine "free-to-play" as a high-quality AAA experience.

    I sat down with Crytek CEO Cervat Yerli to discuss the free-to-play market, the launch of their new social platform GFACE, the early beta reception of Warface. Check out the fascinating interview below and be sure to come back to the wiki for more news and information about the Warface and its upcoming open beta.

    1) Going free to play, there’s a lot of different games in the market, and there has been a variety of ways it’s been done, what do you think are some the biggest failures of the free-to-play industry?

    Free-to-play was always the…

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