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Warface is a first-person shooter developed by Crytek Kiev. The game is free-to-play and is powered by CryENGINE 3. Since October 21st, 2013, Warface has been in Open Beta, and is now open to the public. Warface is powered by CryENGINE®3, bringing you award-winning next-gen visuals that have been lauded as the best of their kind on any format. In the free-to-play arena, it is without equal. We give you breathtaking locations, and bring you to the deadliest places on the planet to fight off Blackwood. Innovative game design brings intuitive controls and thrilling moment-to-moment gameplay which elevates you to a whole new level of immersion. Read More 

PC News and Updates (Updated 07/10/2014)
  • Brazil
    • Weapons: Daewoo K7 and Type 97
    • Maps:Destination (PTB)and Codename D18 (TDM)
    • Skin:Domination Squad
    • Partial Item Repair
    • Dead Bodies collision adjusted, won't collide with alive characters
    • Team Balance adjusted
    • Animations adjusted
    • Anti-Cheat improved
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